Mission Statement

Compass Solutions, Inc., a Florida Corporation, was founded in 1996 to develop and deliver high-performance, web-based data collection and inventory management applications. To achieve this goal, several products were developed to provide application capabilities that were not currently available on the market at the time.  These products include:

Communications Infrastructure™ (CI)

Compass Solutions uses a client-server/peer-to-peer application-enabling platform which includes the following features:
  • Application Control and Status Monitoring
  • Standards-based User Interface
  • Standards-based Communications
  • Application Development and Debug Support
  • Runtime Problem Diagnostic Support
  • No Client-Based Code Required
  • Cross-platform portable including OS/2 and Win32

Radio Forms Browser™ (RFB)

The Radio Forms Browser™ (RFB) is a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) browser for Radio-Frequency Data Terminals (RDTs). RFB is designed for DOS-based units and supports the display capabilities of these handheld devices. The currently supported RF hand-held devices are listed below:
  • Intermec Antares
  • Intermec Janus (900Mhz and 2.4Ghz)
  • Intermec 6400
  • Norand (native)
  • Percon Falcon
  • Symbol PDT6840
  • Teklogix 7035

The Locator System™ (TLS)

The Locator System™ (TLS) is an intranet-based inventory tracking and management system that demonstrates the capabilities of the Communications Infrastructure™ and the Radio Forms Browser™. The Locator System™ provides an application core that is easily customizable and can be used by any operation that requires inventory-by-location information.


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