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The Locator System

The Locator System (TLS) by Compass Solutions, Inc. is an intranet-based inventory tracking and management system. TLS provides Inventory Core functionality with both Radio Frequency (RF) and Browser-Based Graphical (GUI) user interfaces. TLS' distributed implementation provides scalability and reliability while controlling complexity and hardware costs. The software uses an expandable peer-to-peer architecture allowing easy expansion of functionality to meet the client's needs.

TLS can be used by any operation that requires inventory-by-location information. TLS is used in distribution centers to provide immediate access to changing product locations and inventory levels. In manufacturing environments, it provides visibility to stored Work-In-Process (WIP) as well as raw materials tracking. TLS can even be used to track spare parts inventories for any industry, from the smallest bolt and nut to electric utility substation transformers.

Radio Forms Browser

The Radio Forms Browser is a Browser solution for Intermec RF radios. Browse Web pages using Janus RF radios!

Communications Infrastructure

The Communications Infrastructure (CI) by Compass Solutions, Inc. is a cross-platform, client-server/peer-to-peer application-enabling platform supporting the development of distributed, inter-operating, high performance, web-protocol-based applications.

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